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How To Measure A Box Bay Window For Blinds

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If you have a bay window that has 3 (or more) separate windows with large sections of drywall between, here’s how you measure: Measure the total width of the front bay window, which is usually the largest window in the bay.

Made to measure sunscreen roller blinds for bay window in

The two most popular types of bay window are traditional and separated.

How to measure a box bay window for blinds. Space of at least 30mm to mount the brackets securely. Bay windows come in all shapes and sizes but the first thing you need to do is know whether it is a box bay or an angled bay. This will be different because the projection of the blind reduces its width because of the angles.

Measure all the windows as above, apart from the last window each side of the bay which finishes with the wall. Measuring for window treatments in general can be scary. Measuring for square bay windows.

Metal tape measure, pencil, ruler, 2 pieces of card or paper with square edges 1) make a note of the rail depth based on the slat size of the blind you are ordering 25mm slat blinds have a rail depth of 30mm 2) decide the layout of your blinds Cut 6 pieces of cardboard or use business cards. Place them in the corner of your bay window angle until they meet.

You have three options when fitting venetian blinds into a square bay, regarding how the blinds are laid out. If you have any obstructions protruding from the front window, measure how far they stick out past the window frame and deduct this from the width of the side blinds. The sizes of the l frame are:

Measure when measuring to ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible. Measure between the marks to get the measurement of the middle window. A bay window usually includes at least 3 windows (2 angled side windows, and 1 picture window in the middle).

Now you need to work out the size of the blinds that will be made. Measure each side from the last mark you made with the templates to the start of the wall. With square/box bay windows you should first measure the widths of all 3 sides.

Subtract the rail depth of both side windows from window a to get the blind size of window a (example: Now all you need to do is measure the height of your windows. This means that the blind that butts up to the main blind will be short by this amount.

We call this the ‘drop,’ and it’s just a measure of how long your blinds will. The blind runs across the front almost corner to corner and then the side blinds are installed butted up to the front blind. (in my case, these were 50mm wide).

How to measure separated bay windows. You will then need to reduce the sizes to Metal venetian blinds option one is most commonly used for installing metal blinds onto square or box bay windows.

Use a steel tape measure to measure each window section's width in three places (at the top, middle and bottom). Measuring bay windows for blinds or shades. Measure the drop for all three windows and use the smallest of the three.

In order to measure a 3 panels bay window for your shutters you will need to choose an l frame type when placing the order online and make the templates for this type of frame. A box bay window typically has three sides, often two. Once you've cut your two strips of paper.

How to measure a closed splay bay or angled bay window for blinds. Drop always check the widths in three places as you would for a regular recessed windows. Let’s go through the overall process of measuring your windows for your new blinds.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all the angles of your bay window. We suggest you do this in 3 different places for maximum accuracy, and use the smallest one when submitting your measurements. Bay windows are prone to movement and you may find that the widths vary even if at first glance the windows look square.

Mark the point where the tips touch. Draw in the angle of the bay, then using the real sizes (not scale), draw in the front edge position of the blind. Bay window blind 2 option 2

How to measure guide for roller blinds on an angled bay, square bay, or standard window. How to measure guide for venetian blinds on an angled bay, square bay, or standard window. Measuring the width for angled bay window blinds.

Draw the templates onto pieces of paper with the above l frame, ensuring they are the exact sizes mentioned above. When you order, enter the narrowest width. To measure for the front blind all you do is measure the full width of the bay from side to side and order this blind as ‘recessed fitting’.

Place them in one of the angles of your 3 or 5 sided bay window in a way that the cardboard tips touch. 47mm x 37mm x 19mm. Step by step guide to sizeing blinds in a bay window.

Points to consider when choosing blinds for box bays You then have two options: The configuration of your bay window will determine what kind of measuring challenges you encounter.

Option 2 to make sure this option is suitable for your window, check the size of the window frame in the corners going from the corner of the bay to the start of the glass pane on both the front and the sides. Starting from each mark in the center corners of the middle window, measure the width of the window to the right and then out to the end of the window on the left. An explanation of how to measure and make the correct allowances for each option are explained on the next page.

There’s a distance on this example of vertical blinds of 4 inches or 10 cm. Your measurements must be adjusted accordingly when applying vertical blinds to a bay window. I got these as evenly as possible, then drew along the.

You’ll notice that the rail for one window runs the full width whilst the adjacent rail butts up against it. Bay windows are a little different, so here are a few extra steps to ensure you're measuring like a pro!

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