How To Get Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

Catching legendary bosses after raids can reward xl candy; These candies are highly specific to pokemon families.

Pokémon Sword and Shield brings over the great EXP Candy

An eevee xl candy will work only on eevee.

How to get xl candy in pokemon go. Like with normal candy, you can obtain xl candy from catching, transferring, and hatching pokémon. Pokemon go has made it a lot easier to obtain candy xl. Higher level also means lower catchrate, so catching manually is preferred over the go plus as it.

There is also xl rare candy that works the same way as the regular rare candy. Trading, catching, transferring and hatching eggs; Raids will bring players together to defeat powerful.

Raid battle rewards (quantities vary by raid level) the battles raid is one of the most popular features in pokémon go; Fastest way to get xl candy. Egg hatches can reward xl candy.

Once you have reached level 40, you can then get xl candy in pokémon go through catching and transferring creatures, as well as through hatching eggs and catching a raid boss. Most activities that reward regular candy can also reward xl candy. But there are a few situations where players are guaranteed xl candy.

At the launch of xl candy, the only known method to get rare xl candy is by levelling up past 40 to the new level cap increase, where one or two will drop per level. Well, that’s not where it all ends, because niantic and pokemon go announced new ways on how can one collect xl candy. 5 ways to get pokémon go rare candy.

However, you need to also be level 40 or above to get it. Transferring pokemon to professor willow gives you a chance of receiving xl candy; Candy xl tips and tricks in pokémon go.

You could also get xl candy by incubating eggs and walking your buddy, although it takes a long time because you must walk several kms to obtain 1 xl candy. The best way to pick up xl candy is by catching pokémon, particularly evolved pokémon. Exchanging pokémon with other gamers and transferring a few of your pokémon to professor willow are two other methods to get xl.

Catching pokemon can also reward xl candy. Players under level 40 are completely locked out of receiving xl candy. We currently know that candy xl can be obtained by hatching pokemon from eggs.

Transfer a pokemon to get xl candies. Catching a pokemon is a primary way of getting these candies. Let's take a look at what we know about the methods on how to earn xl candy.

Before moving forward, let’s take a quick break to go over primary methods of obtaining candies. Once you hit level 40 you’ll start to get xl candy from the following activites. This is now the fastest way to get xl candy, but there are other methods.

Pokemon go players at level 40 or above can now trade their pokemon. Mass transferring same species can reward you multiple xl candies; Candy xl can be acquired via:

A guide to xl candy. In all cases, players must be level 40 or above to receive xl candy at all, which is the basis of pokemon levels. Rare candy can transform into one candy of any pokémon.

The first and main method of acquiring xl candy is to catch more pokemon. According to reports xl candy can be obtained through the following activities: This functionality was introduced with an update called gym rework.

Exchange regular candies to obtain xl candies As of right now, it's unfortunate but there is no way to guarantee to receive xl candy from catching pokémon, which is different than how players get normal candy. You can get a single or multiple xl candy depnding on the amount of pokemon you transfer.

A caught raided pokémon does not guarantee an xl candy. Xl candy can be acquired via: One of the fastest ways to get xl candy is to catch a pokemon especially if they are evolved, legendary or mythical where your xl candy will be guaranteed.

Transferring a single pokemon may or may not give you one xl candy randomly, and mass transfering will give you multiple xl candies. Raid pokémon / shadow pokémon can both award candy xl when caught / transferred; However, the exact numbers are a bit unclear and many reported numbers don’t line up with our findings.

Trading, catching, transferring, hatching eggs and walking with your buddy; Also running a mega pokémon could be worth it to get that extra candy for each catch, e.g have a mega blastoite while farming a mudkip nest. So you don’t need to worry about how to get xl candy until you go past level 40.

Until then make sure you work on leveling up fast so you can start stocking up on xl candy for all your favorite pokémon. You can also get them from raiding, trading, hatching, or transferring a pokemon. A caught pokémon from raids does not guarantee candy xl.

However, the rates are significantly lower. A caught shiny pokémon does not guarantee candy xl. A caught shiny pokémon does not guarantee an xl candy.

You soon will be able to collect xl candy when walking with your buddy and catching legendary, mythical, or evolved pokemon is now guaranteed to reward you with xl candy… Thanks to the silphscience research group we know that the higher level a pokémon is, the more likely it is to drop a xl candy. You can convert 100 standard candy into a single xl candy, though this is far more standard candy than.

If you are doing the raid with friends, you can even trade the pokemon with one another after to try and get a few more xl candy from the event, as trading now also has a high chance of awarding you xl candy. Not the most effective way to get xl, but it adds up. Raided pokémon / shadow pokémon can both award xl candy when caught / transferred.

The details also tied to xl candy is players will need to be a certain level before they can even earn them. 100 candy equal 1 xl candy, so about 33 catches or 17, if you use pinaps.

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